Carl Brucker


Department Head,
Professor of English


Ph.D., Rutgers University


American studies and technical writing


Witherspoon 142





Intrductiono to American Literature

Technical Writing

the syllabus for the online version
the syllabus for the in-class version

computing a Fog Index
Arkansas Tech Writing, 13th Edition in pdf format

Honors Composition II
(Spring 2007)

syllabus, spring 2009

Videos of Guest Writers:

Click the link above to view videos of the writers who visited this Honor Comp II class during the spring of 2007.


Click the link above to play with online versions of Dr. MIchael Karl Ritchie's poem "Spaceship."

One Wasted Class (240-320) One Wasted Class (480x640)

Click the link above to play the video we filmed in class on April 25, 2007

Honors Composition II
(Spring 2009)


Click the link above to play with online versions of Dr. MIchael Karl Ritchie's poem "Robot."

Click the links below to view some of the student projects completed by Honors Comp II students in the spring of 2009.

The League on Non-Extraordinary Women and One Man
Elizabeth Boyd, Leighann Dicks, Roger Norman, and Becca Skelton)

The Dating Game
(Skylar Creel, Makel Neumeier, Haley Parsons, and Cassie Loy)

Swine Flu?
(Chris Briley, James Schmitt, Sara Youngblood, and Bethany Larue)

Seminar in American Literature -- Capitalism

syllabus (summer 2006)

Topics in Literature -- Hybridity


Introduction to Film


American Studies:
The Sixties

Spring 2012 Syllabus
(includes links to all presentations)

The Sixties Intro Video

Selected Articles

"Walt Kelly's Pogo: The Eye of the Whole Man," Studies in American Humor

"Chinua Achebe" in Survey of World Literature

"Richard Wright," from Popular World Fiction 1900-Present

"Saul Bellow" In Nobel Prize Winners in Literature

"Kurt Vonnegut" in Popular Fiction in America

"Ralph Ellison" in Magill's Survey of American Literature

"Ishmael Reed's Long Fiction" in Survey of Long Fiction

"Virtue Rewarded: The Contemporary Student and Horatio Alger" in The Journal of General Education

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