Types of Assignments

  1. reading assignments and quizzes. The thematically grouped reading assignments are detailed on the course syllabus. I will post an introduction to each week's reading assignment. These brief notes will often include links to Internet sites about the authors or literary works that we are studying that week. Please let me know if some links are inactive or unhelpful. Also let me know if you discover other online resources that I could share with other students.

  2. discussion board participation. A discussion board forum with a series of questions will be set up for each assignment. You are required to post a response to one of the questions on at least 10 of the 14 discussion forums during the semester. Only five students will be allowed to respond to any single question. These responses should be brief essays of at least 150 words in which you present your ideas thoroughly and support them with specific textual references. Each posting will be graded, receiving a maximum of 10 points. If you respond to questions from more than the required 10 forums, I will count the best 10 grades. Click here to read How to Write a 10-Point Response. You can check your grades on the weekly responses on the course's Blackboard site. (10 points each--100 points total)

  3. examinations. There will be two at-home examinations during the semester. The first five essay questions 16 points each) on each of these exams will be selected from the discussion board forum questions, so keeping up with the questions and reading other students' responses will help you prepare for the examinations. The sixth essay question will ask you to compare at least two works that we have read in that portion of the course (20 points). The examinations will be available from links on the syllabus. Each exam is worth 100 points for a total of 200 points.

  4. informative research paper. One 500-750-word research paper based on a topic selected from a list that you can link to from the course syllabus. (100 points)

  5. analytic essay. One 500-word analytic paper based on a topic selected from a list that you can link to from the course syllabus. (100 points)

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