Final Examination

There are three separate examinations assigned by last name. Each examination will have six essay questions. Most of the questions will be taken from the previous weeks' postings. Complete only the examination assigned to your last name! Write essay answers of at least 150 words to each of the first five questions and at least 250 words to question 6. Save your examination as a word processing document (preferably Word format with the file name your last name, yourfirstname E2. My examination would, therefore, be saved as Brucker, Carl E2. When you are ready to submit your examination select the Submit Exams button on the left side of the course's main page and follow the instructions.

This is not a timed examination. Once the links below are activated, you will have several days to work on your answers. Check the course syllabus for the due date. Other students' Discussion Board postings and my comments will remain available for you to review. Do not, however, plagiarize anyone else's words!

version A: click here if your last last name starts with A-F 

version B: click here if your last last name starts with G-N

version C: click here if your last last name starts with O-Z

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 updated December 29, 2021