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My webpage will show features of my research and academic interests. I have divided the site into those areas. Please go to the link that interests you.

But first, let me give you a short overview and bio:

My research is involved with population genetics and evolution, mostly of scorpions. In my doctoral work, I completed an allozyme analysis of the sand scorpion (Smeringerus measensis). This scorpion was originally known as Paruroctonus mesaensis and resides in the Sonoran desert. I am very interested in how organisms have differentiated into their contemporary populations. I enjoy working with molecular techniques to sample populations and understand the evolutionary relationships among them. One of my current projects involves a scorpion whose geographic range includes the Arkansas Ozark and Ouachita mountains. This work was published in 2013:

  • Species Delimitation and Morphological Divergence in the Scorpion Centruroides vittatus (Say, 1821): Insights from Phylogeography

    My current research work involves the investigation of scorpion toxin proteins. Students in my lab investigate the variability in these toxins as well as creating toxin proteins in bacteria cells for eventual analysis.

    I teach Genetics (Biol 3034), Principles of Biology (Biol 1114), Evolutionary Biology (Biol 4064), and Molecular Genetics (Biol 4074). I enjoy these classes, and I have placed information for them under the Tech T drive. In my courses, I try to incorporate the latest information as well as exercises that help students learn the course materials. My teaching goals are to help students gain knowledge in biology, develop analytical skills, and improve their communication abilities.

    I am the faculty advisor for the Tribeta Chapter in our department. Please visit their website (link below).

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    Thanks for stopping by, T Yamashita

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    Tsunemi Yamashita
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