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I taught this course one time for a group of students from Taiwan in about 2007. The course however has been taught by other faculty since the time I came to Tech in 1986 and is likely to be offered for a long time due to its utilitarian nature. What you will see below the horizontal line below is a communication between me and my Taiwanese students as of the last time I taught the course.


We now have a way to access my Power Points and handouts from off campus in much the same way as if you had been on campus and within the Local Area Network. Either click ftp://tdata.atu.edu or paste this location into your browser. Either Netscape or Explorer will take you to that FTP area; from there, just go to swdata to find folders for the classes I teach.

A previous class asked for some key words or key terms to help you in locating journal articles for the class or topics for the class report. You are not limited to only these, but here are some examples:

Hopefully these will help get you started.

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Important dates, revised.

Course-related Links

Gagne' Power Point--the organizer for the course
Chapter One--Facts, hypotheses, theories, laws.
Background of Behaviorism.
Chapter Three--Classical Conditioning.
Chapter Four--.
Chapter Five--Higher level applications of Operant Conditioning.
Chapter Six--Effects of Aversive Stimuli.
Chapter Seven--Social Learning Theory (Modeling)
Chapter Eight--Early Cognitivism.
Chapter Nine--Information Processing Model
Chapter Ten--More on the Information Processing Model
Chapter Eleven--Still more on the Information Processing Model
Chapter Twelve--Metacognition
Chapter Thirteen--Using Information-Processing Theory in Expository Instruction
Chapter Fourteen--Using Learning Theories to Promote Effective Study Strategies
Chapter Fifteen--Transfer and Problem Solving
Chapter Sixteen--Using Learning Theories Including Brain Research to Promote Learning Through Groups
A general, briefer look at learning theories and some developmental theories.
Library of Congress
Phi Delta Kappa search facility
ERIC searches on-line
Search engine for legal information
Pathways to School Improvement
Arkansas Department of Education
Arkansas Tech University library search

Samples of Student Work

We are proud to present some examples of student work. This collection is gradually being added to. Occasionally there are good examples of student work that do not copy well electronically. The omission of student products on this website is in no way a comment on the quality of the work done.

Motivation and Controlling Anxiety Basic Principles of Human Learning
Multiple Intelligences Autism in the U. S. and Taiwan
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