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News as of Wednesday morning, April 22: The research notebooks added some much-needed points to everyone's grades at 100 apiece. On Test 3, the relliability was .65 and there was one return item. The uncorrected class average was 85.5% correct. We are moving steadily toward the end of the course.

Because you did so well on the research notebooks, I see little point in having you go through the 2-3 minutes summaries of each of the nine types of studies, as we usually do. You seem to know Isaac and Michael's nine types of research studies pretty well.

This coming Monday night expect some time to be spent with qualitative research. We will also talk about getting published and the role of publications/presentations in the continual upgrading of the knowledge base.

We now have a way to access my Power Points and handouts from off campus in much the same way as if you had been on campus and within the Local Area Network. Either click ftp://tdata.atu.edu or paste this location into your browser. Either Firefox or Explorer will take you to that FTP area; from there, just go to swdata to find folders for the classes I teach.

Research Pointers

Educational Research Links

As of February 25, 2014, the links and other support that had been posted here have been moved to http://libguides.atu.edu/EDFD/MAT6003 . Library staff will be maintaining and upgrading those materials, which are considerable. I think you should visit that site.

Student work

Action study in physical education Earth Space Science Action proposal
Study in mathematics Influence of Reading Upon Thinking Skills
Jessica Pianalto ESL Rebecca McVay At-Home Reading
Effectiveness of Different Methods of Serving Volleyball Racheal McKibbin Survey research on Response To Intervention
Literacy Exams and Benchmark Exam Scores-Cara Williams Stacy Dollar--Beliefs About Pre-School


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