SPED5013 Assessment of Children with Exceptional Learning Needs

The final exam came from a well-picked-over item pool. It was not surprising that the reliability was within acceptable bounds and there were no return items. You all did well on the final and in the course.

Important Dates Regarding Financial Aid:

            June 1, 2015 – Last day to register
            June 1, 2015 -- Last day for 100% reduction of tuition and fees
            June 3, 2015 (11: 59pm) – Attend date
            June 3, 2015 – Last day for 80% reduction of tuition
            June 15, 2015 – Last day for W drop

Dates shown below now reflect the Summer 1 pace for 2015. The best advice is to get the textbook and start reading, early. The textbook is Overton, T. (2013). Assessing Learners with Special Needs:  An Applied Approach, 7th ed.. Upper Saddle River:  Merrill (Pearson Publishing). An eighth edition just went to print, but the 7th will work fine.

Blackboard is a good platform for web-based instruction, but it has been known to crash from time to time. For that reason, quite a bit of parallel and repetitive information will be posted on this web page and also on the T drive at Tech. This the link for FTPing into the T drive for the Power Points for the course: ftp://tdata.atu.edu . You may be asked for an ID and a password, same that you use to sign on to the network on campus. Go into the swdata folder, then to SPED5013, to find what you are looking for.

To see a sample of how to do the professional readings, click here .

Important dates for Summer I 2015.

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