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News as of Thursday, June 25th. The Low-Incidence papers that I have graded scored high. I told you this would be an easy grade! The pace for the remainder of the course looks like this: Friday and Monday, additional material on how to teach students with emotional disturbances. Tuesday--hand in the final exam. Due to the pending retirement of your prof, that will be the end of the course.

Effective February 25, 2014, this web page will serve a different purpose than it has been previously used for. This page will serve mostly for the posting of announcements. For support material for the course, instead please go to http://libguides.atu.edu/SEED4052 . Library staff will be keeping up with the support materials for the course instead of me having to do that. I am grateful for their service.

To see a sample of how to do the one-page readings, click here .

This the link for FTPing into the T drive for the Power Points for the course: ftp://tdata.atu.edu . You may be asked for an ID and a password, the same one that you use to sign on to the network on campus. Go into the swdata folder, then to SEED4052, to find what you are looking for.



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