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Dr. Womack's SEED3554 News Page

News as of May 15, 2009.

As of the end of spring semester 2009, SEED3554 is no more. The course has been split back into two courses, SEED4052 and SEED3552, to deal with diversity and normal adolescent development, respectively. The two used to be separate courses but were combined into one in 2000. The expected advantages of combining the two never materialized. Once something is put on paper in the world of higher education, it can take a long time to undo it. Those of us who were left to carry out SEED3554 have looked forward to seeing it split into two separate courses again for several years. This web page is now basically a place holder.

We now have a way to access my Power Points and handouts from off campus in much the same way as if you had been on campus and within the Local Area Network. Either click or paste this location into your browser. Either Netscape or Explorer will take you to that FTP area; from there, just go to swdata to find folders for the classes I teach.

Click here to see a list of sample topics for the reports on adolescent development.

Here is a sample of how to format the readings for class.

Special Dates for Class in Spring 2009

If there is a conflict between these dates and the syllabus, please use the dates below.