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This page is being updated on January 29, 2015, about six months before my retirement. I taught ECED3053 a limited number of times in the early 2000s. It is a survey course for diversity for early childhood education. What is below the horizontal line is the class web page as it might have appeared in the spring of about 2004. STW


Latest news in ECED3053, March 25: I am grateful to have this venue for communication, particularly when things get as busy as they are now.

Plan on class tomorrow, Wednesday, "as usual." Friday let's plan on my having the class time to look over your learning centers in Crabaugh 302 and I will not plan to have class in 214 as usual. I will try to assess as many learning centers during the 11 o'clock period as I can. I am involved in a faculty activity during much of the rest of the day.

By way of other covenants and understandings between us, tomorrow I will plan to pass out a take-home test. The Scantron and the test booklets will be due in class on Wednesday, April 2, 11: 00 A. M. If there is any reason why you think you might not be able to make class with test in hand at that time, turn it in early. Since this is a take-home test, it will not be accepted late.

I am planning to unlock the room for the Cavalcade of Learning Centers at or about 8: 00 A. M. on Friday morning.

There is a new rubric for the ECED3053 Early Childhood History of Diversity report. Click on it to see what is on the rubric.

Ideas for the learning centers are described below.

Be sure the reports include not only content about early childhood education but diversity as well.

Learning Centers. Learning Centers are hubs or areas in a classroom designed to promote learning; the classroom is arranged in discrete areas for activity, and children move from one area to another rather than stay at an assigned desk or seat. Frequently they are put in the corners of elementary classrooms, but they can be put elsewhere. For the learning centers that you are making for this class, learning centers should have a minimum of:

The rubric used for assessment of the learning centers looks almost exactly like the list above.


Detail on the three sequential lesson plans for the RAP: Each lesson plan should have:


There is a sample multicultural paper at http://faculty.atu.edu/swomack/AsianA.htm if you want to get some ideas about it.

Special Dates for Class