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Office: Crabaugh 211
(479) 968-0423
Fax: (479) 964-0811


Summer I 2014 office hours:

9- 10 and 2-3 Monday through Friday. I am typically in the office much more of the day than these official office hours. Most days, drop-in visits are acceptable.

Womack explains data








I can fly! Well, no, but at least I can explain the data.

Womack presents at MSERA

I had two presentations at the 2013 meeting of the Mid-South Educational Research Association in Pensacola,
Florida, in November.

Dr. Womack presents at other conferences

Womack at one of nearly 60 state, regional, national, or international presentations.

Photos above are of presentations at several state, regional, and international-level conventions. Additionally, I and four other profs have just finished a book on teamwork among public school educators, given some recently found labor and economic factors. This book is now in press with Rowman and Littlefield. Another book on the first year experiences of successful superintendents was published last year.

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Deans' Symposium

Ark. Department of Education

Master of Instructional Improvement Program



Summer I is over for me. Both courses had industrious students and everything got done on time. I'll see everyone again in the fall.

Scholarship Interests:

  • A new study on how well graduate students transfer existing knowledge of statistics to slightly novel situations.
  • Publishing a study on how interns grow professionally among three supervisory strategies
  • Publishing a study on the correlation between money spent per-student and academic achievement (yes, there is a substantial association!)
  • Publishing four other studies
  • Initiating an ex post facto study about two different learning situations of beginning researchers, one with intensive technology resources and the other without.

Service interests:

  • Graduate Council member -- having a busy year
  • Catastrophic Leave Committee member for over ten years
  • Several school and departmental committees
  • Dover Chamber of Commerce--board member, webmaster, president for 2014.

    Interested in my professional background? Please see my vita for more details.

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