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Fall 2014 office hours:

8- 10 and 3-4 Mondays and Wednesdays. I am typically in the office much more than these official office hours. Most days, drop-in visits are acceptable.

Womack explains data








I can fly! Well, no, but at least I can explain the data.

Womack presents at MSERA

I had two presentations at the 2013 meeting of the Mid-South Educational Research Association in Pensacola,
Florida, in November.

Dr. Womack presents at other conferences

Womack at one of nearly 60 state, regional, national, or international presentations.

Photos above are of presentations at several state, regional, and international-level conventions. Additionally, I and four other profs have just finished a book on teamwork among public school educators, given some recently found labor and economic factors. This book is now in press with Rowman and Littlefield. Another book on the first year experiences of successful superintendents was published last year.

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Past a certain age, people tend to become philosophical about life and the best ways that life can be lived. I don't suppose I am immune to that tendency.

I tend to think of the people with whom I graduated from high school, undergraduate school, master's school, or doctoral school. What kind of lives have they had? What have they done with their education? Have they lived happy lives? How resilient have they been in meeting the storms of life?

The people who have done best at life in general have been the people with the greatest degree of moral excellence. They have not been the people with the most money or necessarily the ones for whom learning came most easily. In fact, some of the most successful people, looking at it in 40+ year hindsight, have been the ones who had to work at learning at least a little bit. Money has not even been correlated to happiness for my classmates.

Past 60 the teachings of parents, grandparents, and responsible older friends come back into focus. Yes, the technology has changed a lot since I was growing up, but the basic truths those wonderful people taught me in the first 30 years of my life have proven in most cases to be absolutely correct. One wonders how they could have been so wise, way back then.

Be honest and you will never have to ask yourself what you said to whom. Show faithfulness to your mate if you want to live in a happy home. Show integrity in material matters and people will rarely if ever steal from you. Show mercy and you will get mercy. Treat your body respectfully and it will last you a long time. The "old folks" were right.


After a lot of scholarly production during the past four years, this year I am paying much more attention to my classroom teaching. I love the classroom and love living in a world of ideas. There are two studies that I and colleagues are trying to publish this year.

In the undergraduate programs, each faculty member makes contributions to the eventual makeup of every student who goes through teacher education. For secondary education, my contributions include some background in diversity (SEED4052) and school law, history and philosophy of education, and content area reading (SEED4503). In graduate school, I teach a basic research course, EDFD/MAT6003. All are passionate subjects of mine.

Scholarship Interests:

  • Publishing a study on how interns grow professionally among three supervisory strategies
  • Publishing a study on the correlation between money spent per-student and academic achievement (yes, there is a substantial association!)
  • Publishing a studying on best lesson planning practices.

Service interests:

  • Graduate Council member -- having a busy year
  • Catastrophic Leave Committee member for over ten years.
  • Several school and departmental committees
  • Dover Chamber of Commerce--board member, webmaster, Ozark Memories Day chairperson, president for 2014.

    Interested in my professional background? Please see my vita for more details.

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