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Spring 2015 office hours:

8- 10 and 3-4 Mondays and Wednesdays. I am typically in the office much more than these official office hours. Most days, drop-in visits are acceptable.

Womack explains data







I can fly! Well, no, but at least I can explain the data.

Womack presents at MSERA

I had two presentations at the 2013 meeting of the Mid-South Educational Research Association in Pensacola,
Florida, in November.

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Womack at one of 62 state, regional, national, or international presentations.

Photos above are of presentations at several state, regional, and international-level conventions.

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I'm coming up on the end of a 43-year career in education. It's been mostly good. 34 years of it were in teacher education. I have helped to prepare enough teachers--over 6,000--to educate over a million children. I've made 61 presentations, had 60 publications, and have written all or parts of 3 refereed books.

With my permission and almost at my insistence, this job is being taken away from me in orderly fashion, piece by piece. Years ago at the beginning of the Tech experience, work was added on to me. The way my position is being dismantled is within itself instructive.

Most of the committee responsibilities have been removed since my retirement announcement in December. That's not at all painful to me. The people on committees have charming personalities and they are all highly qualified, but looking to a committee to get something done decisively and quickly is an exercise in futility. If you want something done, done right, and done right now, give it to one person who knows what he is doing and hold him or her personally accountable for it. Some of my best work has been done that way. If I'm on a committee, I'm almost always waiting on somebody else to do something. I don't miss the committee assignments.

I've been active in research to different degrees during my career. This week ended the scholarship part of the job so far as I am concerned. On Monday I "sacked up" five studies that were reasonably complete and just lying on the shelf and sent them off to the Educational Resource Information Center. All were quantitative. No "touchy-feely" studies--these used hard numbers. I hope they get accepted with a minimal amount of editing and that they do someone some good.

What is left is the teaching part of the professorship. For all these years, that part is what my students thought was the entire nature of the professiorate--the classroom part. It's only twelve hours out of what is usually a very full week. Teaching is the most enjoyable part of being a professor, and it may turn out to be what I miss during retirement.


  • Interested in my professional background? Please see my vita for more details.

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