Spill Prevention and Control

Regulatory Requirements:

Hazardous Waste Operations and
Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)
29 CFR 1910.120

Hazard Communication,
29 CFR 1910.1200

Arkansas Act 556 of 1991

Superfund Amendment and
Reauthorization Act (SARA), Title III

A spill is defined as any
release of hazardous chemicals
in an amount that can not be
readily contained, or in any
manner in which the chemical

can cause potential health hazards,
and could damage the environment.

Preventing Spills:

Only use approved containers
for chemicals and storage.
Provide HazCom training.
Store only necessary amounts of chemicals
Store hazardous chemicals away
from sinks, storm drains or floor drains.
Report spills regardless of quantity.

Emergency Response Plans:
Emergency reporting, call 911.
On Campus, dial 911 directly,
access code no longer required.

Determine if emergency
medical treatment is needed.

Emergency Response Personnel:

The only personnel currently authorized
to set up an incident command at
ATU is the Russellville fire department.

They determine evacuation needs.
They establish incident command.
They will respond only within
the capabilities of the team.

They will respond, assume control,
activate the Pope county OEM if needed.
OEM & fire department will decide
if FEMA needs to be activated.

If you have not been trained
in spill response, you should
not try to mitigate a
hazardous material spill!

This training module
does NOT train you to be
a responder, it is only
intended as awareness
level training.

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