Dr. Peter Dykema
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Current Activities:

My teaching expertise encompasses the late medieval and early modern periods of European history (1300-1750) while my current research focuses on the education and training of the parish clergy during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.  In my work, I am taking a comparative approach, looking for parallel lines and distinctive differences between the training of the late medieval catholic priest, the expectations laid upon the first generations of the Lutheran pastorate and the new demands faced by catholic clerics operating under the reforms of the Council of Trent.

 I am also working on another major project, editing a volume of essays devoted to the theme “John Calvin and the Reformation of the Refugees” to be published in the second-half of 2001.  My own interests will be reflected in a chapter I will be contributing to this volume and on-going work on Calvin’s treatise “Concerning Scandals” and its relationship to the practice of social discipline in Geneva.

 At Tech, I teach both semesters of our World Civilizations sequence and upper-level courses on the Renaissance, the Reformation, Early Modern Europe, the Black Death in European History, the European Encounter with the New World, and the history of Latin America.  I offer the Senior Research Seminar and will offer graduate seminars in upcoming semesters.

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