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MATH 3153
Applied Statistics I

Course Syllabus
1.1 Sampling in Statistics
1.2 Examples of Descriptive Statistics
1.3 Graphical Representation of Data
Review for Sections 1.1 - 1.3
2.1 The Basics of Probability
2.2 Probability and Counting Techniques
2.3 Conditional Probability
2.4 Random Variables
2.5 Linear Functions of Random Variables (Discussed in Section 2.6)
2.6 Jointly Distributed Random Variables
4.2 Binomial Random Variables
4.5 Normal Random Variables
4.11 Central Limit Theorem
5.1 Large-sample Confidence Interval for a Population Mean
5.2 Confidence Intervals for Proportions
5.3 Small-sample Confidence Interval for a Population Mean
6.1 Large-sample Hypothesis Testing for a Population Mean
6.2 Drawing Conclusions from Hypothesis Testing
6.3 Tests for Population Proportion
6.4 Small-Sample Tests for a Population Mean

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