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Visiting Instructor Physical Science

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Physical Science Laboratory 1021

Introduction to Physical Science 1013: Resources


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Student On-Line Text Support

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Syllabus PHSC 1013 


Connection Project and Rubrics

Class Notes and Study Guides for Unit Tests

Unit 1
Introduction (0)

Unlocking The Universe (1)
Matter In Motion (2)
Dynamics (3)

Work and Energy (4)

Test Study Guide for Unit 1  

Unit 2
A Watched Pot   (5)
Wave Upon Wave (6)
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (7)

The Shocking Truth (8a)
Wired for Success (8b)

Test Study Guide for Unit 2

Unit 3
Spaceship Earth (15)
Focus on the Sun (16)
How High the Moon (17)
Heavenly Bodies (18)

Test Study Guide for Unit 3

Unit 4
Atomic Physics (9 & 10)

Basics of Chemistry  (11 & 12)

Chemistry Potpourri (13 & 14)

Test Study Guide for Unit 4 


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