TECH1001: Orientation to University

Orientation to the University A course designed to provide information and enhance skills that will enable students to take responsibility for a successful transition to college. The course will expose students to college resources and requirements and promote the development of practical skills for college success.


SOC 1003: Introductory Sociology ACTS

Common Course - SOCI1013
An introduction to the nature of society, social groups, processes of interaction, social change, and the relationship of behavior to culture.


SOC 2033: Social Problems

ACTS Common Course - SOCI2013, Cross-listed: CJ 2033, Prerequisite: SOC 1003
A sociological analysis of contemporary social problems including inequalities, deviance, population changes, and troubled institutions.


SOC2063: Research Design for the Behavioral Sciences

Cross-listed: PSY 2063, Prerequisite: SOC 1003 or PSY 2003
This course is designed to introduce you to the foundations of behavioral science, the logic of research design and the many possible modes of operation. This class focuses on teaching students in the behavioral sciences the basic principles that guide the research process, the elements of research design, how to read and critique research articles, and how to write a literature review for a research project.


SOC 4023: Sociology of Gender

Prerequisite: SOC 1003
This course addresses definitions of gender, gendered identities, how gender is created and maintained as a social construct, and the importance of gender in our daily lives. This class mainly focuses on the theoretical and empirical literature that encourages critical thinking about gender and challenges students to move beyond their preconceived notions/assumptions about gender.


SOC 4053: Sociology of Health and Illness

Prerequisite: SOC 1003
An in-depth look at the sociology of health and illness including an examination of the social structures related to the medical system, the social psychology of health and illness, a comparative analysis of sick role behavior as well as the study of social causes and consequences of health and illness.