Why should we save the wildlife?               


         They are important for biodiversity

         Some animals are important for the survival of other dependant animals.

         Natural beauty

         They have a right to the land


    Arkansas is abundant with animals ranging from the ugly reptiles to the big black bears.  All of these animals are important to the biodiversity of life.  Without such a diverse number of species, ecosystems would fail and the food chain would be disrupted.  Some animals are dependant on other animals in order for their survival.  Whether it is for food or the fact that they use other animals shelters as their own, they would have a hard time surviving if the species that they were dependant on was wiped out.

    The wildlife of Arkansas contributes to the state’s natural beauty.  Many tourists enjoy taking pictures of all of Arkansas’ majestic creatures.  Long before humans were present on Earth, wildlife of one form or another ruled.  It is this fact alone that entitles wildlife to be able to live freely without the threat of being wiped out.  It is said that no one owns the land but in all actuality, the animals do.