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String Band at Center Valley Elementary

String Band at Center Valley Elementary

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Playlist: Kiss the Break of Day, Proud Mary, Arkansas Beauty, Seven Bridges Road, Never Gonna Be Your Bride, O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing, Simple Man, & Oh! Atlanta

Members:  Dolan Sanderson (3 years), Shanna Collins (2 years), Jason Zhang, Ben Brisco, Brandon Riley, Joel Head, Ryan Broadhurst, Ryan Edmondson, & Derrick Collier

Spring 2007

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Playlist: Creeping In (Nora Jones), Wagon Wheel (OCMS), Crazy (Gnarls Barkley),

The Weight (The Band), Arkansas Traveler (traditional), Creedence Medley (CCR)

Spring 2006

Feb 25

Shane,  Dolan,  Brian,  Kyle,  Justin (guest), Laura, Lisa, & Brandon

for clips from February 25th concert - http://lfa.atu.edu/music/barber/string/Feb25.html

Repertoire:  Lose Again - Bonoff, Irish Girl - Traditional, In the Fall, Long Tall Texan,  Give a Little Bit - Hodgson & Davies,
Fella on a Fiddle - Horan,  Little Bird, Fishing in the Dark - Waldman & Photoglo,
Watching the River Run -
Loggins & Messina, Sis Draper (Arkansas Traveller) -  Camp & Clark

Interview with Perryville, AR native Shawn Camp, co-writer of "Sis Draper"

Question: "I really, really want to know. How much of the Sis Draper story is fact and how much is fiction?"

Answer: "Well, Sis Draper was not the devil’s daughter. She was a beautiful lady and played a great fiddle. Actually, the first autograph I ever signed was to Sis Draper; I was 9 years old. We did have "pickings" at the house. Uncle Cleve and Grandpa would always light up when we talked about her. They’d always put their best clothes on and tried to comb their hair just right whenever she came around."