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ATU singers who sang in
          the collegiate honor choir 2014

ATU Collegiate SWACDA Honor Choir members (with a few Intro students, past & present) March 2014

Fall 2014            001

1.1  Corey Smith
1.2  "The Redemption Song" by Bob Marley
1.3  Fernleaf Hedge Bamboo in The Moonlight, Hulusi Music        
2.1  Anthony Hamilton    
2.2  "We are the World"

2.3  Chris Brown

3.1  Xscape
3.2  Michael Giacchino
3.3  Paquita la del Barrio    
4.1  The Lumineers
4.2  Beautiful...?
4.3  Peking Opera
5.1  "Jump" by Van Halen      
Bring ONE
Presentation Checklist for your group.
Fall 2014             002

1.1  John Powell
1.2  Ed Sheeran
1.3  Drake

2.1  Nightwish
2.2  Lindsey Stirling
2.3  Dan & Shay
3.1  "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"
3.2  Steven Bryant
3.3  Sam Smith
4.1  Fantasia 2000
4.2  Kendrick Lamar
4.3  Chris Brown

5.1  4 Different Songwriters

E-mail PPT to me night before.

Eli Young Band presentation group


   Unit 1     Unit 2            Unit 4 (Final)   Exam Week Schedule - Here
Spring 2014 classmate Taylor

Fall 2013     001

1.1 TobyMac
1.2 Green Children
1.3 "Rhapsody in Blue"
Mason's group
2.2 ~ The Five Heartbeats  
2.3 Jeremy Soule
3.1 Original vs. Cover
3.2 No Doubt
3.3 Lindsey Stirling
4.1 ~ Mulan  
4.2 Shay Mooney
4.3 Boyce Avenue
5.1 Pentatonix
5.2 Tobuscus

5.3 "Ol' Red"

6.1 Luke Bryan


1.1 Drifting Guitar style and techniques
1.2 The Oud & Break Dancing
Ben Rector
2.2 "Earl had to Die"
2.3 Pentatonix
3.1 ~ House of Flying Daggers                        
~ Rock of Ages
3.3 "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen 
4.1 ~ Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
4.2 Autotune
4.3 12 Girl Band
5.1 History of African-American Spirituals
5.2 Koji Kondo
5.3 Rock and Roll -John

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Leah at the Alamo 2012Presentations for Fall
              2012Paxton Huse &
        Kris Allen

Tracy with the stringed instrument she made with her

Austin at the Brill Buidling in NYC

Eric Barlar - Cavaliers


1. Don Williams

2. Nickleback
3. L'arc en Ciel
4. Cascada
5. High School Musical
6. Peter Frampton
7. Evolution of the Marimba
8. Will Smith
9. Rammstein
10. Video Games Live
11. "Auld Lang Syne"
12. John Mayer
13. Ben Harper

1. Andrew Lloyd Weber
2. Symphony-x
3. Pearl Jam
4. Van Zant
5. Spice Girls
6. Hootie & the Blowfish
7. Foo Fighters
8. Cat Stevens
9. Ayumi Hamasaki
10. Hans Zimmer
11. Veggie Tales
12. Three cultures/Three songs:
    Def Tech, PE'Z,  & Seabear
13. Matchbox 20
14. Grease

Get Well Crystal

Rickey & friends

                in London
SNOW AGAIN! (2008) Two snow days in one week! 
Chris Laughlin's Photography

Snow photos from Chris Laughlin (001).

NEW!   How To...   Page to help you add media to your PowerPoint.
Presentation help
. Outline
Andrew Marsh

Hi Andrew in Kabul!

ATTENDANCE POLICY... from the syllabus (link above)

Class Policies: 1. Regular class attendance is expected. Students are allowed five unexcused absences.
Use them wisely. More than five will result in a lowering of the semester grade by one letter. When
possible notify the instructor prior to an absence via e-mail. Presentations may not be made up without
prior notice of need to reschedule. Seven absences will result in an administrative removal of the student from the course. Do not expect leniency on this. 

Three tardies = one absence.                        Cell phone = absent.

2. Please refer to your student handbook for rules of conduct.      

3. Dishonesty is not tolerated.

Listen! Take notes as you listen to this wonderful music!

List of Presentations

Example of a presentation - mov - A few clips from Fall 2007 - "Tsunami"

Chris Laughlin's Pendergraft Library

Chris Laughlin's

March 4, 2008 I did this one.

Devon Boswell
          meets cellist Paul Christopher after his October concert.

9 AM 9 AM 2007

Overachiever Andrew

Jeff Overachieverb Overachievers

Robby - Great Wall m Palace

List of presentations, so far. - Presentation Outline - A PowerPoint

E-mail your topic to Dr B to be sure no one else grabs your topic.
            Burroughs - The Gathering

Jenny, fourwheeling near

MercyMe Group Beach
          Boys group

Eric Wakeboarding at

Nash. Love is more important than

Ashley on wakeboard - Lake

Music Lab Hours

Most of the class...


ToshasBabyGirl.jpg (121415

Tosha's Baby Girl


Presentations TO STUDY

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MVC-098F.JPG (133593 bytes) MVC-101F.JPG (133586 bytes) MVC-106F.JPG (133202 bytes)

The Amazing
        Summer Music Class - 2004

white flowers

newPresentation help

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One person will e-mail topic and  students in group to Dr. Barber.

In this e-mail, also indicate who will compile the final PowerPoint  and who will compile the outline. 

Hi Dr. Barber,

Our topic is _______________.

Our group consists of 

Annie Apple,

Bob Battles,

Chris Crain,

Annie is constructing the final PPT.

Chris will be doing the outline.

Have a great weekend.

Bob Battles

9:00 AM or 10:00 AM?

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