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Presentations on Arkansas Frameworks

1. Skills & Techniques         2. Creative Expression         3. Critical Analysis           4. Connections

Fall 2013 class with guest speaker Dr. D. Barrow

Fall 2013 - Guest Speaker Dr. D'Anne Barrow

ATU Music 4Kids Blog - 2013 students post projects to share with the world!

Spring 2013

Spring 2013 - Resource Notebooks by great future teachers!

Songs, Games, & Activities 

Arkansas Music Curriculum - Frameworks - FineArts K-8 (Word)

All Fine Arts Frameworks - revised 2008

National Standards K-4 5-8 9-12
A good example of an elementary curriculum: PDF
Note sections on jazz, recorder, etc.

Music Education Organizations and Publications

Fall 2011 students
          with notebooks       

PRAXIS II help - Study Guide (big pdf file) 2  3     workpage Praxis - from ETS

You must take the Music Content and Instruction section before internship.
#0114  - beginning September 1, 2012.  Cut score of 162.

PLT - You MUST take either  20621, 20623 and 20624

Take the PLT during internship! Do not wait! No PLT=No Job.

ADE - Teacher Licensure

From an ASBOA job announcement ... "Qualifications include Teacher’s Certification in Instrumental Music, confident public relations skills, organized office/classroom management skills, successful leadership skills, effective communication skills, and a strong enthusiasm for working with young people and a true passion for teaching music."
Book Project

CMENC Oct. 2009

CMENC October 29, 2009

Guest speaker Amelia Duarte

NEW 2011 - J.W.Pepper video on Copyright - link
The United States Copyright Law

Flash http://www.umuc.edu/library/copy.html HS Copyright Lesson

Music for Exceptional Children  

Photos of Dover Hat Parade - more at Interns

TaskStream Lesson Format

            2008 ?

The Five Elements of Music
the Fifth Element

Fundamental concepts of musical organization:
Rhythm- beat, accent, duration, and meter.
Melody - pitch, range, intervals, keys.
Harmony - intervals, chords.
Form - binary, ternary form.
Expressive Qualities:
   Texture, Timbre, Tempo, & Dynamics

Writing Learning/Behavioral Objectives   Verbs to help you write behavioral objectives   Assignment #2

Good page to help you understand the why and how of writing learning objectives. Here

COVERT  (goals)
OVERT (objectives)
Understand relative minor scales
Know major and minor chords
Like classical music
Define relative minor scales in writing
Generate (play) major and minor chords
Identify the form of a selected piece

“If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time”. Author unknown
“You got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.” Yogi Berra
"You teach on your feet and plan in your seat." Author unknown
"You get what you get and don't pitch a fit." Callie

              Listening Intruments Creative Movement

S L I C R M - every day!

Song Sites

Songs, & activities 

Monster Mash - 2006

Our songs-2005


"Funga Alafia" a welcome song

Lyrics only



MultiCultural Resources

African-American History Month (February)

Asian & Pacific American Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15) (http://www.menc.org/guides/hhmonth/hhmain.html), 

National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month (November)

 Tribe Traveling- 2012

Playing Instruments

Keyboards and mallet instruments (Grusha & Here We Sit )




Percussion - Drum Game - World Percussion

Music and Children's books

Where the Wild Things Are


Creating music


 handout 2 

Sound Piece 

  "Animals Don't Wear Clothes"


Listening Lessons:  Can help teach ... form, a musical concept,  bio (Django),  inspiration,   etc....  Examples...

Lesson Plan Title-Classical Music Connection-Popular Music Connecting Pachelbel, Beethoven, and Mussorgsky to Disco and Rap

Move & Groove  -

  "Planet Rock" Choreography with J.J. - huge file
or  youtube

Folk Dancing    



Tih, tah, toh  lesson

Rhythmic Patterns - lesson

Social Studies & Music       

Math & Music

  Science & Music 



Making Word Puzzles OnLine


Technology - see student produced projects - MUS 3702 


For Callie, Amanda & John

Growth and Development of Children

"Each teacher stands before the class as an example of human potential and striving." source

NAfME - MENC  -  Comprehensive Musicianship     ArtsPROPEL

 Orff           Kodály         Suzuki       Dalcroze 

Who was Lowell Mason?       MMCP?

Inclusion     ESL    

            Burdett Making MusicMaking
            Music with MIDI

               Share the Music

dodea music 

Music K-8


Halloween 2008

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2006 Class - "Monster Mash"

Adam, Lisa,
        Ms Detrick, Joshua, and Brandon

Pizza - Interns &
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Scoreboard LA01.JPG (136670 bytes) LA02.JPG (133883 bytes)Just too cute...